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Helen Henny Kids Beauty Case

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A beauty case that's perfect for all the little makeup and jewelry lovers. The acrylic kids makeup bag contains 9 real beauty and jewelry items with Helen Henny themed art and coloring. The case can be carried as a stylish purse. 

The Helen Henny beauty case is designed for fun creative play and is easily transportable.

  • Acrylic kids beauty case to keep items organized, even on the go!
  • Helen Henny, Chuck E. Cheese's best friend, is featured in the design of the case and its accessories
  • This stylish kids makeup bag includes two lip glosses, one lipstick, a ring, one bracelet, and four barrettes 
  • Do not use lip products near eye are
  • Use within 6 months of opening 
  • Suggested Age: 3 years and up