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Chuck E. Cheese Gumball Bank

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Chuck E. Cheese's gumball bank is fun way to save your coins while getting a yummy treat! With a twist & turn button, the gumballs are spiraled down into an anti-spill tray. This item does not include gumballs.

The coin slot is at the bottom of the gumball bank. The bank can hold all types of coins from quarters to pennies.  Kids will be able to save their coins for a rainy day.

Coins are not needed to dispense the gumballs. The twist and turn button can be used to dispense gumballs without coins. 


  • This 10.5" tall gumball machine holds over 50 small gumballs (not included) and bank plenty of coins
  • Material: Plastic base and acrylic globe
  • Note: color base might vary 
  • Suggested Age: Ages 3 and up
  • Fragile: this product could break if dropped on the ground or solid surface (store in a cool dry place)
  • Gumballs are not included